St. Louis Metal Roofing Contractor

There are many advantages of hiring a St. Louis Metal Roofing Contractor to install a steel roof on a building.

First, steel roofs are very durable. They last a lot longer than traditional shingle roofs. Any steel roofing contractor can tell property owners about the additional value that metal adds to a property. A window replacement contractor can also tell people about the benefits of using a metal roof on their property. Metal comes in a variety of colors. Steel can be placed in sheets, ribbed sheets (corrugated panels), or shingles. Metal roofs have no maintenance to perform each year; a visual inspection is all that is needed.Durability

Steel roofs can withstand the wind better than asphalt shingles because they do not flip up, bend, or crack. Metal is resistant to hail, it may dent, but it will not break or allow a hole to form. The lifetime of a galvanized steel roof is around 50 years compared to 15 to 20 for a well-maintained shingle roof. Because there are fewer seams with a metal roof, there is less chance of developing a leak.

Added value

Most insurance carriers give property owners a discount on their policy for adding a metal roof to their home. Some states also have tax deductions that can be claimed for owning properties with metal roofs since they last so much longer than asphalt roofs. Real estate appraisers add value to a home or business with a metal roof for the same reason.

Low oversight

The durability of the metal roof is the reason it has no maintenance. There are no shingles to replace, no rips or cracks to worry about, and no holes from raccoons and other wildlife. The only thing that property owners need to do is check for debris like leaves and twigs that can build up in the valleys of any roof. A yearly inspection is sufficient for this type of inspection. Experts like a St. Louis Roofing Contractor suggest that property owners or a steel roofing contractor check the roof from the ground and from a ladder, so that nothing is missed.

Steel roofs are very energy efficient because they do not attract or trap the heat when they are painted a light color. A window replacement contractor can inform property owners about energy efficiency levels. There are a lot of different colors to choose from which is a bonus to purchasing a steel roof.


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Who can you trust in the St. Louis Metro area for roofing needs?

Getting the right St. Louis and Metro East roofing repair contractor can be tedious

For people who are living in St. Louis, the best option would be getting three service providers, then getting a proposal and quote from each. Afterwards, the interested individual can choose one out of the three through an elimination process. Identifying the perfect St. Louis roofing contractor for their needs can be done by creating an evaluation checklist.

Finding a specialist

Word of mouth has been the traditional way of finding the best contractor. If a person goes down this path, they should avoid hiring the family member of a friend. The friendship will go south if things go south with the contractor. Additionally, the friend may be referring their family member whether or not they are qualified for the job. For example, if someone has a steel roof, they will need a steel roofing contractor. Take note that not all roofing contractors can handle all roof types. It is crucial to select one that has specialized on the type of roofing that needs repair.

Contractor’s history

The history of a St. Louis roofing contractor should include things such as their training, education, evidence of responsibility insurance coverage, references and security plan. The specialist should be licensed by the city. Expert service providers are those that are trained to use, maintain and repair different types of roof. For instance, a steel roofing contractor should have the knowledge to repair, maintain or install other types of roofs.

Task strategy

The first thing one should avoid is being asked for money upfront. Walk away from any service providers that ask for upfront payments. A trusted and certified service provider will always establish terms for settlement that are agreeable by both parties. Since some roofing contractors have expertise in other areas, they can offer discounts on other services. For instance, a window replacement contractor is likely to charge the full amount for their services. A St. Louis roofing contractor, who is also a window replacement contractor, may offer high discounts for window replacement.
The best contractors should include a proposition that has information such as time frame for work to be completed, overall expense, work to be done and any warranties included. The information should be provided before work begins. Furthermore, the roofing contractor should explain any terms and/or conditions that their client may not understand. Work on the roof should only begin after the client has understood the project. Such tips are effective for finding an efficient, professional and reliable roofing contractor in St. Louis.


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Protect your Homes greatest asset – your roof

Now Is the Perfect Time to Protect and Maintain Your Roof 

Summer is finally here – the weather is warm, the birds are singing and perhaps you have your vacation planned. With winter now a distant memory, you probably just want to enjoy the sunshine, sit out in the yard and relax. The chances are that calling in a St. Louis roofing contractor or a window replacement contractor is one of the last things on your mind right now. However, you may not have considered that now is the best time of year to protect your most valuable asset and sure up your home’s defenses in time for the next winter season.

Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect the one of the most important ways of protecting their home from the elements – the roof. When the winter arrives, and the snow storms blow in, it’s often too late. By giving your roof a seasonal check-up while the weather is good, you provide plenty of time to inspect and repair any holes and replace any damaged gutters or missing shingles before the problem becomes far more serious.

Of course, if you have good DIY carpentry skills, it may be possible to do this yourself. However, if you are unable to do this, or you require more extensive roof work, it’s time to call in a St. Louis roofing contractor.

After examining your roof, you may decide that it’s time to get it replaced completely. One of the big disadvantages of regular shingle or clay-tiled roofs is that they often require regular maintenance. They can become easily damaged by stormy winter weather and have poor heat insulation properties.

However, there is a great alternative available. By choosing to install a steel roof from a reputable steel roofing contractor, you can ensure that your home gets the protection that it needs. It can also help you to avoid the costly maintenance work associated with other types of roof and increase the value of your home.

A steel roofing contractor can create a roof that is both durable and beautiful, which can last for many years. There is a huge range of styles available, many of which very closely resemble the more traditional shingle or clay-tile roofs. Many steel roof contractors are also a window replacement contractor, which allows you to tackle the task of replacing other areas of your home that may be requiring attention, such as windows and doors.


Roof Inspections in the Greater Metro East and St. Louis, MO

Inspections for your O’Fallon, IL Roof

Seasonal roofing maintenance should include inspections from a St. Louis roofing contractor. Leaks in a roof can cause damage to walls and floors. The water can warp wood and cause electrical hazards. The leaks can also damage furniture and equipment. The trapped water will encourage the growth of mildew and fungus, which are health hazards. A steel roofing contractor can check for problems and perform repairs before a hidden leak has ruined valuable assets
InspectionsSnow, ice, hail and rain will affect the condition of a roof. Heavy snowstorms could warp a roof and cause the connecting sections to separate. Hailstorms can dent a roof. Severe rainstorms can cause flooding that cannot be handled by gutters. The rain water could be forced to flow into crevices and vents, which could cause severe damage to a building. The inspections can be used to discover problems and to provide an opportunity for contractors to recommend improvements for a roof and gutter system.


Gutters and drain spouts may need to be repaired or replaced. The gutter system may also require more drain spouts to accommodate for very heavy rainfalls. The system is designed to safely channel the rain water from the roof and should be cleaned to avoid problems. Tree leaves and other debris could form barriers in the gutters and drain spouts. The gutters may also need to be more securely attached with additional braces.

Value of Assets

The value of a home or business will be protected with regular maintenance procedures. If problems can be detected before major damage has ruined assets, then the costs for repairs can be minimized. The value of a building can also be enhanced with improvements to the windows such as with tinted glass. A window replacement contractor can quickly perform inspections and offer suggestions, which may reduce energy costs for heating and cooling a building.


There can also be a transfer of heat from roofs. Insulation can help to keep heat inside a building during the colder months and to keep heat out of a building during the warmer months. A wooden roof will provide more insulation than a steel roof. The inspections from a steel roofing contractor can be used to make recommendations for improvements. A window replacement contractor can also offer valuable information about reducing energy costs. The seasonal inspections will enable a St. Louis roofing contractor to quickly correct problems.


has hail damaged your roof

What Storms Can Do To Your Roof

What Storms Can Do To Your Roof, Recent Hail Damage in the St. Louis area is showing up on roofs.

Storms that sweep through your area can cause problems at your home that are hard to handle. The damage that can be created by a storm can ravage your house many times over, and you must have ways of recovering from such damage. Everything listed in this article can be repaired, but you must understand what you will find once the storm passes.

#1: Roof Damage

The shingles on your roof can be torn or pulled away during a major storm. You can inspect your home after a storm to find the shingles have moved or been torn away. You must hire a roofer to fix the roof. Some shingles can be moved back into place, and other shingles can be replaced. You need not replace the whole roof when but a few of your shingles are missing.

#2: Roof Loss

Your roof could be ripped from the house under the pressure of high winds and rain. A tornado or heavy wind that passes over your home could pull away your roof without disturbing the structure of the house. You must have your roof repaired immediately, and your roofer can help cover the home in the meantime.

Losing your roof is a good time to replace the roof with something much nicer. You can make your roof look much better, and you can add a ridge vent that will help make your attic more comfortable in the summer. Your home’s heating and air conditioning will be more effective in the attic, and your roof will look much better as a result.

#3: Siding Damage

The siding on your house can be replaced if it is torn during a storm. One or two pieces of siding are easy to purchase, and the siding can be easily replaced by a contractor. Torn siding pieces can be pulled off the house, and you can slide new pieces back in place after the storm.

The siding on the house could lose paint or structural integrity after a storm, and the siding may be replaced if you find it damaged badly. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage to your siding, and your siding can be replaced with something in a much nicer color.

#4: Floor And Wall Leaks

Floor and wall leaks can occur during a storm due to damage from high winds. You may see leaks come through the walls as the water passes under the gutters. The siding in your house could let water through that will discolor your walls, or water may pass through your foundation. Damage will occur to the floors while water is rushing in, and you must have the leaks repaired quickly.

#5: Chimney Damage

Chimney damage is hard to see after a storm, but your chimney may not function properly after the storm. You will notice smoke leaking out of the chimney when you run your next fire, or you will notice water leaks during the next storm. The chimney can cause problems for your family after it has been broken by wind damage. Call a contractor to replace the brick on your chimney, and have the hood on your chimney replaced quickly.

Every storm can bring major damage to your home that makes leaves your home compromised. The leaks and holes in your home must be repaired quickly, and you can recover from the storm in just a few days. There are restoration contractors in your area who will help you repair your home, and you can assess storm damage just after the clouds pass. Any damage you notice must be repaired as quickly as possible before a new storm brews.