Seasonal Maintenance Tips from Everlast Home Improvements

St. Louis & Metro area Roofing Contractor can inspect your roof for seasonal and storm damage.

Request Seasonal Roof Maintenance from Professionals

Seasonal maintenance by your St. Louis and Metro East roofing contractor Everlast Home Improvements is vital to protect underlying structures in your home. The best time of the year to have repairs made to a building is in the warm summer months when it seldom rains. You might think that a roof on a home, business or farm building is in good condition because you have inspected it from inside a structure by looking at a ceiling. However, by the time you can see water spots on drywall or rust on metal from the inside of a building, the roof is seriously degraded.

A Professional Inspection Requires Specialized Equipment

If you wait until damage to a roof is severe enough to see that type of evidence, then chances are that more materials will require replacing than just the top layer. A professional steel roofing contractor, Everlast Home Improvements, can provide an inspection of a building’s roof from the outside by using a bucket truck or tall extension ladder. Every part of the roof is inspected carefully for problems such as loose joints, degradation or missing materials. After the inspection, Everlast Home Improvements will provide information concerning needed repairs. Call 877-935-4404 or schedule on-line at

Replace Damaged Windows and Frames

To make your life easier, hiring a steel roofing contractor who is also a window replacement contractor is a good plan. Roofs are not the only part of a structure that experience wear and tear caused by severe weather such as snowstorms or tornadoes. Window panes and surrounding frames often loosen with moisture entering small crevices to rot and rust materials. If the building is heated during the autumn and winter, then damaged window glass and frames can lead to high utility bills. A damp and cold building due to old windows can also suffer from secondary damage caused by mold growth and insect invasion.

The Benefits of Steel Roofs

Steel roofing materials offer excellent benefits, including:

• Fire resistance
• Easy to clean
• Resists rot
• Sheds moisture

Contact Everlast Home Improvement today to inspect and repair materials or install an entire new roof during the warm summer months to prepare for winter’s cold temperatures. At the same time, request an inspection to learn how new windowpanes and frames can reduce air-conditioning and heating bills.

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Five Show-Stopping Advantages of Steel Roofing

Steeling the Show with a Steel Roof

Superior performance benefits, durability and affordability packed into modern esthetic appeal of classic steel roofing can steal the show when it comes to choosing or replacing a top for your structure. Ramp up ROI value, rack up significant cost savings and be good to Mother Earth with energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly steel roofing. Ask your experienced, licensed, St. Louis roofing contractor, Everlast Home Improvements, how steel roofing can benefit your home.Five Show-Stopping Advantages of Steel Roofing

1. Steel Roofing Is Like a Landfill-saving Hero.

Old and new metal roofs are 100 percent, unlimited recyclable when their service life ends. Today, 30-60 percent recycled metal is used in making modern metal roofing materials. Every time a metal-topped building is demolished, its roofing material can be recycled.

2. Steel Roofing is Top of Choice From Nature’s Elements.

Get better protection from elements like lightning, storm damage and fire with a steel roof for your home. Metal roofs will intercept and disperse lightning better than a lone grounding wire or lightning rod. Snow slides right off galvanic-coated steel roofs before accumulating damaging weight. Non-combustible metal roofs won’t catch fire. Your steel roofing and window replacement contractor can recommend a qualifying metal roof that meets criteria for sweet savings on your homeowner’s insurance. Call 877-935-4404 or schedule your own appointment at

3. Let the Rain Dance.

Steel roofing can be as quiet as other roofing materials with properly installed, solid sheathing underneath.

4. Energy Star Rated Steel Roofing Steals the Show.

Properly installed by a steel roofing contractor, steel is much more energy-efficient than its pricey zinc and copper cousins, conserving energy while beautifying your home in a variety of colors.

5. Metal Roofing Has Encore-Worthy Esthetic Appeal.

Of all remodeling upgrades, metal roofs yield better ROI in terms of curb appeal and holding a high recouped value than any other remodeling, with a national average of 85.9 percent cost recuperated at resale. Consult with Everlast Home Improvements your St. Louis and Metro East roofing contractor to determine the best metal roof for your home.

Sure, metal roofs cost more up front, but they don’t require repairs or replacement like other roofing materials. Money isn’t the only long-term savings bonus. A steel roofing contractor can show you options in metal roofs to fit your lifestyle while leaving a greener footprint on the environment with its repeat performances.

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