New Metal Roof or Asphalt Shingles

Your St. Louis Roofing Specialist shares the difference between New Metal Roof or Asphalt Shingles

Metal Panels over Shingles Don’t use…

Your St. Louis and Metro East roofing contractor can offer advice about installing metal panels over shingles. The process involves a tiered effect with two levels. The roof below the shingles must be inspected because the metal panels cannot be mounted on damaged wood. There are different building codes for different localities, which could mandate that a roof may have only one layer of shingles or metal panels. A steel roofing contractor will charge for additional labor hours if shingles must be removed before metal panels are installed.


Professionals can quickly install metal panels over the shingles but will also create new screw holes in the shingles and in the wood of the roof. Any new holes in a roof could cause a water leak, which would require that a steel roofing contractor must use precautions during the installation. The roofers will carefully inspect the panels and verify that there will not be any potential problems from new water leaks.

Two Layers

A roof must support the weight of asphalt shingles or metal panels, which is the reason for limiting the number of layers that may be installed on a roof. The roof could collapse from too much weight. If there are several layers on a roof, then there could also be problems from trapped water that may be channeled into tiny crevices between the layers, which could damage the roof.


A roof is supported by the beams and the walls of a building. The building should be inspected before metal panels are installed on the roof. A tiny water leak could have caused damage to wooden panels, walls or window frames, which would require the services of a window replacement contractor. Any defective wood must be replaced to ensure that the building is safe. The window replacement contractor could inspect for damage and also offer suggestions about windows.


Metal panels are much smoother than asphalt shingles, which may create a hazard for anyone who needs to walk on a roof. Maintenance workers could easily slide on the metal panels, especially after rainstorms or snowstorms. There could be serious problems while workers are installing new wiring, completing repairs or performing inspections. If railing is installed on a roof, then workers could safely walk on the roof and would have fewer risks while performing necessary inspections. A St. Louis roofing contractor can offer very practical suggestions about safety improvements for roofs.


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