Roof Inspections in the Greater Metro East and St. Louis, MO

Inspections for your O’Fallon, IL Roof

Seasonal roofing maintenance should include inspections from a St. Louis roofing contractor. Leaks in a roof can cause damage to walls and floors. The water can warp wood and cause electrical hazards. The leaks can also damage furniture and equipment. The trapped water will encourage the growth of mildew and fungus, which are health hazards. A steel roofing contractor can check for problems and perform repairs before a hidden leak has ruined valuable assets
InspectionsSnow, ice, hail and rain will affect the condition of a roof. Heavy snowstorms could warp a roof and cause the connecting sections to separate. Hailstorms can dent a roof. Severe rainstorms can cause flooding that cannot be handled by gutters. The rain water could be forced to flow into crevices and vents, which could cause severe damage to a building. The inspections can be used to discover problems and to provide an opportunity for contractors to recommend improvements for a roof and gutter system.


Gutters and drain spouts may need to be repaired or replaced. The gutter system may also require more drain spouts to accommodate for very heavy rainfalls. The system is designed to safely channel the rain water from the roof and should be cleaned to avoid problems. Tree leaves and other debris could form barriers in the gutters and drain spouts. The gutters may also need to be more securely attached with additional braces.

Value of Assets

The value of a home or business will be protected with regular maintenance procedures. If problems can be detected before major damage has ruined assets, then the costs for repairs can be minimized. The value of a building can also be enhanced with improvements to the windows such as with tinted glass. A window replacement contractor can quickly perform inspections and offer suggestions, which may reduce energy costs for heating and cooling a building.


There can also be a transfer of heat from roofs. Insulation can help to keep heat inside a building during the colder months and to keep heat out of a building during the warmer months. A wooden roof will provide more insulation than a steel roof. The inspections from a steel roofing contractor can be used to make recommendations for improvements. A window replacement contractor can also offer valuable information about reducing energy costs. The seasonal inspections will enable a St. Louis roofing contractor to quickly correct problems.


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