Expand your outdoor living space

Whether you’re looking to replace or install a roof deck, rear yard deck or balcony deck, or you’re looking for something straight forward or wish to install that deck of your dreams with custom options, whether you’re thinking of pressure treated, cedar, exotic or synthetic decking, let Everlast Home Improvements show you how to add real value to your property .

With our experience, innovative designs, and trained construction crews, we will streamline your deck project, staying within your budget and design a deck that you will be proud of. 

Our decks are designed to last beautifully with minimal maintenance and durable products. 

Decking: Easy Care and Cleaning

Care and Cleaning of your cellular PVC Decking is Easy. With the basics of soap and water you can get the deck cleaning job done in no time.

Our cellular PVC deck products are an extremely low maintenance alternative to wood or wood composite decking. Forget about sanding, staining or stripping, with the cellular PVC decking they will maintain their finish for years to come.

To rid Gossen decking products of dust, spills, smudges, or any other general maessis, mix a mild bleach/water solution and wipe clean with a soft cloth.


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