The Last Roof Your Home Will Ever Need!

We provide one of the finest roofing systems in the industry delivering both peace of mind and pride in ownership. All of the materials for our steel roofs are made in the USA and use the highest quality materials. We offer 18 colors on all of the stone coated steel profiles. With this wide range of colors and styles, our customers enjoy the flexibility of choosing both form and function, complementing any architectural style.

Almost all homeowners undertake costly roofing repairs, averaging three roof replacements in their lifetime. By choosing a steel roofing system, homeowners can eliminate future replacement costs, reduce maintenance and repairs and improve the overall performance of their home while enjoying the beauty and security a new roofing system provides for their home.

According to the Metal Roofing Associations 2006 Residential Cost Handbook, home values increase $1.35 per square foot with metal roofs as opposed to woodshake or asphalt composition roofs. The likely increase in your property value can be beneficial when refinancing or selling your home.


Barrel Vault

The beauty of old world architecture takes a giant leap forward with Barrel Vault. The lightweight panels with their unparalleled performance and your choice of blended colors bring it all together.

Barrel Vault tile gives you the look of high-profile concrete or clay tile without the excessive weight. Unlike cement or clay, our metal roofing tiles will never crack, split, break or absorb moisture.

Classic Tile

Our most popular tile profile, Classic, boasts great flexibility. From Mediterranean Villa to Northwest Contemporary, our Classic tile complements all architectural styles. 

Designed and engineered to perform under the most trying conditions, this product offers maximum protection against all elements while enhancing the look of your home.

Canyon Shake

Canyon Shake offers the best of both worlds, from the rich look of authentic wood shake to the benefits of steel. Canyon Shake's rugged and rich appearance adds depth and dimension to your home's appearance without the hazards commonly associated with wood shake. Metal does not burn and will not crack, curl or break. With 18 colors available, this product will add to the aesthetics of your home while offering a lifetime of protection and security.

Granite Ridge Shingle

The name says it all. Durable and beautiful, Granite Ridge is truly a permanent roofing solution for your home. This product has all of the aesthetic characteristics of high-end architectural shingles while being built with the unmatched strength of steel. Unlike conventional asphalt roofing, the Granite Ridge stone-coated steel roofing system will not breakdown when exposed to the elements. We offer one of the strongest warranties in the roofing industry, protecting against wind, fire, hail and stone loss. 

120 MPH WIND WARRANTY: Engineered to withstand the fiercest of winds our roofing
systems surpass Miami-Dade's testing requirements. Unlike other manufacturers that only
offer wind warranties for a limited time, or not at all, our warranty is good for life.
*Manufacturer warranty
HailHand1 (1672x1800)2.5" HAIL STONE WARRANTY: Through careful research and testing, we have developed a 26-guage steel panel that will stand up to a beating! Our class 4 impact rating and 2.5" hail stone warranty will allow you and your insurance company to rest easily.
*Manufacturer warranty 
CLASS A FIRE WARRANTY: The noncombustible steel panels keep fire at bay.
The interlocking design repels dangerous wind-blown embers and our light weight
system reduces the risk of roof collapse.
*Manufacturer warranty

Batten Installation

Roof battens are thin strips of material that may be made of wood, plastic or metal. They’re installed before the tile is laid on the roof and they serve multiple purposes. The ideal installation method for roof battens when installing a tile roof depends on the roof material, its slope, and environmental conditions such as rainfall, temperature and wind.


On roofs with a steep slope, tiles are usually fastened to battens. The tiles should be fastened into battens to ensure they remain fastened to the roof. In regions where high winds are common, roof tiles are usually fastened to the battens to prevent them from lifting from the roof deck.


Battens elevate the roof tile off the roof deck, and this ensures that water drains off the roof. How you install battens can affect the drainage efficiency. For example, horizontal battens run perpendicular to the slope of the roof and tend to trap moisture, so a 1-inch gap every four feet is necessary to allow for drainage. Horizontal battens should also be installed so that there is a clearance of at least 6 inches between the batten and the valley to allow concentrated water flow. Vertical battens are referred to as counter-batten systems and provide a minimum of 3/4 inch of space between battens for drainage. 

Energy Efficiency

Installing a batten system beneath roof tile can offer some energy savings, as well. The space between the roof deck and the tile creates a thermal barrier. This barrier cools the deck and the structure in hot weather.

*Manufacturer Warranty listed here