St. Louis Metal Roofing Contractor

There are many advantages of hiring a St. Louis Metal Roofing Contractor to install a steel roof on a building.

First, steel roofs are very durable. They last a lot longer than traditional shingle roofs. Any steel roofing contractor can tell property owners about the additional value that metal adds to a property. A window replacement contractor can also tell people about the benefits of using a metal roof on their property. Metal comes in a variety of colors. Steel can be placed in sheets, ribbed sheets (corrugated panels), or shingles. Metal roofs have no maintenance to perform each year; a visual inspection is all that is needed.Durability

Steel roofs can withstand the wind better than asphalt shingles because they do not flip up, bend, or crack. Metal is resistant to hail, it may dent, but it will not break or allow a hole to form. The lifetime of a galvanized steel roof is around 50 years compared to 15 to 20 for a well-maintained shingle roof. Because there are fewer seams with a metal roof, there is less chance of developing a leak.

Added value

Most insurance carriers give property owners a discount on their policy for adding a metal roof to their home. Some states also have tax deductions that can be claimed for owning properties with metal roofs since they last so much longer than asphalt roofs. Real estate appraisers add value to a home or business with a metal roof for the same reason.

Low oversight

The durability of the metal roof is the reason it has no maintenance. There are no shingles to replace, no rips or cracks to worry about, and no holes from raccoons and other wildlife. The only thing that property owners need to do is check for debris like leaves and twigs that can build up in the valleys of any roof. A yearly inspection is sufficient for this type of inspection. Experts like a St. Louis Roofing Contractor suggest that property owners or a steel roofing contractor check the roof from the ground and from a ladder, so that nothing is missed.

Steel roofs are very energy efficient because they do not attract or trap the heat when they are painted a light color. A window replacement contractor can inform property owners about energy efficiency levels. There are a lot of different colors to choose from which is a bonus to purchasing a steel roof.


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