Everlast Home Improvements is your St Louis Roofer

Everlast Home Improvements wants to make sure home owners in St. Louis are able to have a beautiful home that not only looks great on the outside but also provides them with the comfortable interior on the inside. We can work with St. Louis clients to make sure there is a service that not only fits their aesthetic needs but their budget as well. From roofing to windows and room additions, Everlast Home Improvements can make it happen for your St. Louis home. Call Today at 877-935-4404 or schedule anytime at everlaststl.com.

St. Louis Roofing

There are different kinds of roofing available for homes in St. Louis, Mo. Asphalt roofing is the most common used roofing material. It is less expensive and provides a home owner with a roof that protects from the elements while still looks great. For those who want to go a different route and opt into a roofing material that is more durable and lasts longer (meaning they don’t need to have their roof redone again), steel roofing is the way to go. The steel roofing is nearly indestructible and doesn’t require as much maintenance as the other roofing options. There are some fantastic color options as well for St. Louis home owners to choose from.

Windows and Door Replacements

While windows are beautiful and allow in natural light, these areas are the least energy efficient areas of the entire home. Temperatures can easily leave through the glass window, which is why having the very best energy efficient windows installed is important. The double or even triple pane windows helps add in a protective layer in order to prevent the temperature transfer that takes place during both the hot St. Louis summer and cold winter months. This equates to energy saving throughout the year. Plus, there are different looks of windows and doors for home owners. Perhaps the St. Louis home owner wants to install new French doors or they have been looking for different looking windows for their home. It doesn’t matter what they desire, there is a look and feel we at Everlast Home Improvement can provide.

Additional Services

While we do more roofing and window/door installation services, there are other offerings we specialize in. For home owners looking for an additional sunroom or bedroom on the house, we can have it installed, take care of the permits and have it looking beautiful in no time. This is also a great way to increase the value of your St. Louis home as well. We provide assistance with a full home remodel, regardless of if it is centered around a kitchen or converting an attic into a living space. Plus, we work with siding and decks. So, no matter where in your St. Louis home, we at Everlast Home Improvements can make sure it looks truly beautiful.


Call 877-935-4404 or schedule on-line at everlaststl.com.



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